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  1. A)Your loved one is in the hospital, nursing home, assisted living, rehab, etc. and you don’t know where to go or whom to call to advocate for their care?  Are you getting answers?


  1. B)Are the doctors, nurses, hospitals, aides, home care agencies,       social workers, physical/speech/occupational therapists, aides, nutritionists, all working as a team to care for your loved one?


  1. C)Your loved one is at home, or wants to return home,                              but you are concerned about their safety.

                                 WHAT IS THE NEXT STEP?

             You’re being pressured to make a decision NOW.

        What do you say, what do you do, or whom should you call?


Call Natalie Landro at:  610.668.1332



Only Senior Matters

Crisis Advocacy and Health Care Management

WHAT TO DO WHEN the crisis occurs...